Vice President
Andrew Hulewicz

My name is Andrew Hulewicz and I am the owner of Mazurkas Travel. My whole life was dedicated to travel with desire to help others to find their own way to my own country, Poland. Today, after almost 30 years in the travel busienss I am proud to have a highly experienced team that share this passion.They will assist you to design an unforgettable journey accross Poland, help you to find a reason to visit Poland in every single architecture detail or a sound of music, in delicious taste of Polish cusine and hospitality We will deliver emotions that will become your own travelling story book. 



One of the Wonders of the World

A romantic and charming region full of captivation nature, red-brick castles. A land of rolling hills, meadows and paradise for anglers interested in a huge variety of fish. The unique sites and rich history of this region promise a visit full of surprises and charming memories.The so-called "The Land of Thousand Lakes", the region that is a home to some of Central Europe's largest forested areas, and thus a haven of scenic beauty, offering a wide range of outdoor activities, including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, kite surfing, swimming, fishing, hiking, horseback riding, biking, hunting and wildlife watching. Marinas in towns and quiet havens hidden on lakesides await for sailors. The lakes are well connected by rivers and canals, to form an extensive system of waterways. The whole area has become a prime destination for yachts people and canoeists, and is also popular among anglers, hikers, bikers and nature-lovers. Any boating enthusiast worth their (freshwater) salt should make Masuria their first port of call.

Unforgettable Experience

Take the trip on the Elblag-Ostroda Canal that was built in order to provide for cheap transportation of timber to the Baltic. This interesting construction, put into service in 1860, is surrounded by picturesque landscape. A series of  slipways with a hydraulic system can slide a ship to the canal below. Without leaving  your ship, you once move through a lake or a canal, while another time you move on land, through a meadow. It is an unforgettable experience. Both the scenery and the engineering techniques are really worth seeing. 

Activity Level

Balloon is one of the most attractive and fascination way of travelling and sightseeing at the same time. We will take you on un unforgettable journey over the Land of Thousand Lakes where in a peaceful and quite way you will have a look at the most beautiful area of Poland.

Spend a few magnificent hours on a boat cruise, which includes an excursion to the Łukajno Lake with one of the largest European breeding grounds of the mute swan and a breeding ground of the grey heron.You can also take a horse ride or a bike ride through the beautiful area of Mazurian region.

Like a Bird

Look at the landscape of the "Land of the Thousand Lakes". Breathtaking, large areas of lakes, rivers and canals as well as richness of forests paint the unforgettable picture that you can admire on a private light aircraft flight. 

Local Hospitality

Mazury region is a perfect place to relax far away from the crowded cities. Enjoy a home hosted stay with a local family in their eco-farm. For breakfast you will have products from their own garden and enjoy a lazy afternoon taking your feet of the ground and admiring the calmness in a hammock with a glass of home-made liquor. You can try your cooking skills with the owners of the house while you prepare the regional dishes you will all enjoy during dinner. 

You can take lessons of painting on the silk or in production of home-made cheese or baking home bread. Just enjoy every moment like being with a family.

Mazury Flavor

It is more than just a beauty of the nature, it is also for cultural events and festival that Mazury are worth to visit during vacation time. You can join a Country & Folk Picnic Festival that has 37 years of tradition, attend the Belcanto Opera Festival or a Culinary Feast and try many of the regional dishes offered by the local farmers.  

On the Castle Route

You can take one of the many routes in Mazury region that will lead you to the historical castles and palaces. Some looking like "Hogwart" from Harry Potter other are the Teutonic Knights Order Castles where you can visit the historical interiors and exhibitions, have a delicious meal in the castle's restaurant or spend a romantic weekend in the castle's apartments.