Vice President
Andrew Hulewicz

My name is Andrew Hulewicz and I am the owner of Mazurkas Travel. My whole life was dedicated to travel with desire to help others to find their own way to my own country, Poland. Today, after almost 30 years in the travel busienss I am proud to have a highly experienced team that share this passion.They will assist you to design an unforgettable journey accross Poland, help you to find a reason to visit Poland in every single architecture detail or a sound of music, in delicious taste of Polish cusine and hospitality We will deliver emotions that will become your own travelling story book. 



The City of Different Reflections

Warsaw, the capital of Poland picturesquely located on both banks of the Vistula River is an amazing mosaic of historical and modern architecture which reflects its turbulent history and invincible character that helped her survive and rise from the ashes. The city is filled with restored Old Town tenement houses, the charming district of Old Town with its Market Square that attracts tourists with many restaurants, cafes and souvenir galleries. The elegant Royal Route leads through historical monuments and aristocratic residence, to the beautiful park and garden of Lazienki complex and Wilanow Palace. Modern museums such as: POLIN – the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Chopin’s Museum, Copernicus Science Center or Warsaw Uprising Museum cannot be missed while visiting Warsaw. Only here you will feel the trembling, vibrant business life in combination with the gentle and charming soul of Warsaw.

Shared Passions

We invite you to meet with a family of musicians who pass over their passion for music from generation to generation. You will not only admire their music skills in a private recital but also here the story of the family tied with tunes and rhythm for three generations. If you are more interested in art ,we give you a unique chance to visit a private house of an art dealer to see the impressive collection of paintings and have an inspiring discussion on current art tendencies in Poland with one of the local artists in a surrounding of a lovely garden.

Sweet Warsaw

Visit the Old-Fashioned Wedel Shop – a former seat of the famous Polish chocolatier that started chocolate production in the 1850s and till today “Wedel” Factory is one of the most famous brands of chocolate in Poland. Enjoy your time with cup of hot chocolate in the beautiful interiors with décor to remind you of the splendour of the pre-war Warsaw. You also need to try the famous Polish “paczek”, a kind of doughnut with rose confiture inside. You will not find it anywhere else in the world but only in “U Bliklego” coffee shop that is famous in a fine art of baking cakes since 1869.

Home Hosted Visit

We encourage you to know Poland by meeting local people. You will be hosted by a family that will welcome you in their own house and give a chance to talk about today’s day-to-day life in Poland. Try typical Polish dishes by romantic fire-place, enjoy a cup of tea in the lovely garden and enjoy a peaceful moments feeling like being at your best friend’s home. You cannot omit such an opportunity.


Follow the Foodie

The food tour gives you an opportunity to taste delicious Polish dishes and hear the stories behind them. You will learn why Poles complain about the quality of bread, why they sometimes long for food produced in the 70’s, why you can’t trust the invitation „for a cup of coffee.” You will visit 3 to 4 establishments, so be prepared for a full meal (and a dessert, of course). There will be also some walking involved, so a pair of comfortable shoes would be a good idea. The tour is a friendly walk around the city with a local foodie, so think about it as discovering new city with a friend.

Along the Vistula River

The visit can be combined with a short tour of Praga, the district of Warsaw on the right bank of the Vistula, seen as the most genuine and authentic part of the city. The pre-war architecture charming alleys, restaurants pulsating with life, trendy art galleries, and exceptional combination of historical industrial architecture with modern design concepts have made Praga, a favourite spot among Warsaw’s artists. Do not omit to visit the Museum of Polish Vodka with degustation. Getting back on the other side of the Warsaw's river take a walk along the Vistula Boulevards or ride a bike.The exceptional atmosphere of this site is created by the sail-shaped lamp posts and pergolas that offer shade on sunny days. 


City of Gardens

Like in no other city in Poland, Warsaw has a number of beautiful parks and gardens that makes a visit to this city much more charming and romantic. One of them are uniquely historical, surround palaces and aristocratic residences, offering an insight into Warsaw's monarchical past and rich architecture. Others are dedicated to create an opportunity to relax by the lake or one of many fountains. You can also enjoy an educational visit to one of the botanical gardens. You also cannot omit to see the roof garden on the top of the Warsaw University Library. Being a non-conventional garden it has a long walkway leading to the roof at a slight incline. It is actually recognized to be one of the largest rooftop gardens in Europe.

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