Vice President
Andrew Hulewicz

My name is Andrew Hulewicz and I am the owner of Mazurkas Travel. My whole life was dedicated to travel with desire to help others to find their own way to my own country, Poland. Today, after almost 30 years in the travel busienss I am proud to have a highly experienced team that share this passion.They will assist you to design an unforgettable journey accross Poland, help you to find a reason to visit Poland in every single architecture detail or a sound of music, in delicious taste of Polish cusine and hospitality We will deliver emotions that will become your own travelling story book. 

Travel Experience

Nature and Wellness

Poland has several spas with long traditions.  Deposits of therapeutic mineral waters and therapeutic mud allow many disorders to be treated in Poland. But Polish spas are not only for people with health problems, but also for those who seek for peace and have time to take care of their bodies and minds. You can spend unforgettable time in very modern spa and wellness centres.  Most of them offer medical care, thermal waters, physiotherapy, beauty treatment, luxury accommodation and many other attractions.

Spa Traditions in Krynica Zdrój

Krynica Zdroj is one of the spas with the longest traditions in Poland. Besides luxurious spa & wellness resorts, romantic wooden guest houses, It is also a lovely town with many artistic and cultural insittutions including the museum of famous Polish primitivist painter Nikifor. Krynica Zdroj has also a splendid neo-Renaissance main pump-room with selection of different water springs, a lovely area for walks and relaxation. You can also take a tour to follow the wooden architecture trail.  


Charm of Busko Zdrój

A lovely town famous for many sanatoriums and wellness & spa hotels surrounded by beautiful park, outdoor concert hall and historical spa building designed in 19th century with pump rooms. Busko Zdroj offers also tennis courts, charming cafes and restaurants and grounds for children. In your free time we can arrange for you a class lesson of calligraphy or porcelain painting to enrich your relaxing time in Busko Zdroj.

Brands of Nałęczów

Visit one of the towns that are famous not only for having good influence to your health but also for being one of the places often mentioned in Polish literature, including novels by Noble prize winner, Henryk Sienkiewicz, the author of the world-wide known "Qvo Vadis". Nałęczów is a 19th century town with beautiful gardens, charming walking valleys and parks. It is also known for the mineral water "Nałęczowianka" as well as one of the sweetest brands of Poland, plums in chocolate. We will be pleased to arrange a degustation of Nałęczów brands as well as organize a visit to the Water & Wine Restaurant located near the bottling plant of Cisowianka and Cisowianka Perlage water, one of the most advanced plants of that type in the world. This place has a special microclimate and the region is rich in highest quality local products and can boast long culinary traditions.

By the Baltic Seaside

Enjoy one of the most beautiful seasides of the Baltic Sea in Sopot. One of the widely known resorts famous for luxury hotels, long beaches, oldest in Europe wooden pier and delicious cuisine. Alleys for bike rides and long walks by the sea, many restaurants and cafes makes Sopot one of the most exciting places to relax, enjoy your free time, take a yoga classes or Nordic walking on the beach, look for amber and shells. We can also help you to try to build your own boat or take a yacht trip with wine degustation. 

Healthy Menu

We used to say "What we eat is what we are" and this proverb means a lot to those who not only want to look feet but also feel the same way. We invite you for a meeting with culinary and dietary specialist who will explain how to eat in a healthy way and still be happy. To enjoy you meals and understand the need of wise menu selection but also taste typical Polish specialities or have a cooking class with one of the best Polish Chef's.

Thermal Baths of Podhale

Thermal waters are popular in Poland especially in colorful Podhale region. It is a perfect places to rebuilt your body and enjoy the spectacular swimming pools with relaxing zones, sauna, bubble baths and massage areas in the lovely hotels and Tatra Mountain resorts. You cannot omit trying the local cuisine specialities and enjoy a highlanders'  folklore show. If you choose to come to Podhale thermal bath during winter time we encourage you to take the skiing lessons or have a horse carriage ride into the forests with open fire picnic. You can take a class of glass painting or learn to carve a small souvenir for your beloved ones with one of our local artists.