Vice President
Andrew Hulewicz

My name is Andrew Hulewicz and I am the owner of Mazurkas Travel. My whole life was dedicated to travel with desire to help others to find their own way to my own country, Poland. Today, after almost 30 years in the travel busienss I am proud to have a highly experienced team that share this passion.They will assist you to design an unforgettable journey accross Poland, help you to find a reason to visit Poland in every single architecture detail or a sound of music, in delicious taste of Polish cusine and hospitality We will deliver emotions that will become your own travelling story book. 

Travel Experience

Shopping and Fashion

Either in a huge, modern shopping malls, small local markets or in discreet antique shops, Poland gives you a variety of shopping options. Just look for famous Polish amber or vodka, crystal, ceramics or folk art works and handicrafts and find a gift for your beloved ones or a nice memory of your visit in Poland for yourself. For the smallest ones, while in Warsaw do not forget to buy a statue of a lovely guardian mermaid, while in Krakow do not be afraid to look for the Wawel dragon. You can also enjoy your shopping time in our luxurious shopping centers, such as: Vitkac, Metropolitan or the luxury shopping harbor at Raffles Europejski Palace Hotel. On the other side in an antique bazaar you can look for objects that hide their own stories or can give a historic or aristocratic charm to any interior. Do not forget also to look for typical Polish brands, such as: Polish vodka, plums in chocolate or Wedel chocolate waffel, famous Polish sausages or Goldwasser - a liquor made of anise that has real golden flakes in each bottle. 

On the Amber Route

Private visit to a renowned amber gallery to see an exhibition of amber and the multimedia presentation on its history, its processing and use over the centuries. Take part at the jewelry workshop and produce your own jewelry using different techniques and materials.

Shopping Time

Visit Vitkac - the largest, luxury shopping store in Poland. Located in the heart of Warsaw, offers everything you can dream of when you come to shop in the most prestigious labels like Givenchy, Kenzo, Armani, Dsquared2, Alexander McQueen, Celine, Gucci, Burberry, Versace, Off-White, Diesel, Bottega Veneta and Yves Saint Laurent.  Even the building itself is more like a space ship or a modern museum, anyway, you will feel luxurious.

Our shopping assistant will help you to find what you will be looking for.

Meeting with Designer

Meet with a young Polish designer in one of the showrooms – it might be either clothes or jewelry or other women's or men's; necessary objects of use, such as: shoes or bags. 

Antique Trail

If you are the antique lover, Poland is a perfect place to look for objects with their own history. You will find them in many antique shops in major cities, but our special shopping assistant will take you to local bazaars or small markets where you will be able to negotiate prices and have a wide offer of antique furniture, decor elements, jewelry and objects of art.

A short break for tea and a piece of chocolate cake in the Old-Fashioned Shop will add a pre-war charm to your day with antiques. 

Occasional Decorations

Poland is famous for beautiful Christmas decorations that you can not only buy in souvenir shops but also try to decorate on your own.

Visit one of the local Christmas baubles workshops to try your artistic skills and enjoy a colorful time that will be admired during your Christmas holidays.