Vice President
Andrew Hulewicz

My name is Andrew Hulewicz and I am the owner of Mazurkas Travel. My whole life was dedicated to travel with desire to help others to find their own way to my own country, Poland. Today, after almost 30 years in the travel busienss I am proud to have a highly experienced team that share this passion.They will assist you to design an unforgettable journey accross Poland, help you to find a reason to visit Poland in every single architecture detail or a sound of music, in delicious taste of Polish cusine and hospitality We will deliver emotions that will become your own travelling story book. 

Travel Experience

Culinary Journeys

Polish cuisine is not known as well as Polish hospitality therefore we want to encourage you to discover Poland’s cuisine because sampling the art of cooking is always an important way to know the nation’s culture and tastes. Having elements taken from the cooking traditions of the many national groups that lived in the country side by side for centuries, Polish cuisine gives you that special touch to make you feel at home. The blending of international diversity with traditional favourites results in a menu that is varied and delicious. This fact however should only be an encouragement to trace more than a thousand year old history of Polish table, cuisine, to see the evolution of Polish table attributes over the centuries and to observe its natural charm and authenticity, as well as the modern ways of cooking and dining.

Flavor of Polish Apples

Take a trip to one of the apple trees famrs that became the leading producers of Polish cider. Get to know the process of making cydr and different kinds of apples used in this production. 

Enjoy a guided tour of the cider facility tasting of various types of cider.

Highlanders' Taste!

Taste the famous Polish highlanders'  oscypek, a hard smoked sheep’s milk cheese and a culinary symbol of the Podhale. In the past it used to be produced in the shepherd’s chalets high in the mountains, and you can visit such a place still today. The cheese mass is heated in hot water and then put in wooden forms and salted. But what really makes the unique taste of oscypek is the smoking. Try different kind of oscypek prepared in a variaty of culinary creations!

A Piece of A Perfect Land

The Silesian & Galicia Lowland offers more than just their famous cities: Wroclaw & Krakow itself. It takes about one hour drive to find yourself in the charming ambience of historical residences, splendid parks and gardens, a picturesquely located vineyards and fields of lavender.

Meet with wine producers in their romantic vineyards for wine and regional cheese tasting.

Based on Old Recipes

Visit Tyniec Benedictine's Abbey near Krakow and try the variety of products made by monks based on old traditional recipes, such as: wine, jams, herbal liquors, preparations of vegetables and fruit preserves; all served in the interiors of the Tyniec Abbey.

Regional Culinary Heritage

You cannot visit Poland without trying typical Polish trout. The tradition of breeding brook trout in Ojcow dates back to the 30s of the last century. It was established in 1935 and was one of the first of its kind in the region. Ojcow trout is now officially a Traditional Product from Małopolska registered by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the company belongs to the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage, which associates producers and restaurateurs to preserve and develop regional culinary traditions specific to the regions of the European Union.

Enjoy a visit to the trout farm and taste Polish Regional speciality, a trout from Ojcow.